martedì 2 febbraio 2010

Nuovi (vecchi) OPI

Lasciando da parte la nuova collezione Hong Kong e i suoi "creme" bellissimi, sto pensando ad un nuovo acquisto su ebay...
Meglio qualcosa della collezione Canadian 200? Canadian Maple Leaf, At Your Quebec & Call, Nice Color Eh?, Glacier Bay Blues, Polar Bare, You Ottaware Purple
o Australia 2007 Don't Melbourne The Toast (s), Brisbane Bronze (s), Fit For A Queensland (p), A True Ab-original (s), Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It (c), Koala Bear-y(c)
Dei primi non so niente (creme, shimmer...) ma i colori mi ispirano di più, proviamo!

Apart new Hong Kong collection and its wonderful "creme", I am thinking about bidding for some new polishes on Ebay.
I have to decide between some "Canadian" or "Australian" (see above for details).
Canadian are so old I cannot find any swatch or detail concerning colour, but I prefer those colours (blue, olive green, purple...).

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  1. Hi! I found you via lacquermaniac, and I really like your nail blog! Not sure if you ended up picking up any of the Canada collection, but I did a search on the net and found the following swatches:

    Canadian Maple Leaf:

    Glacier Bay Blues:

    You Ottaware Purple:

    Polar Bare:

    At your Quebec and call:

    I couldn't find Nice Color, Eh? anywhere, but I have Glacier Bay Blues and it really is divine because it is so multi-faceted. :)

  2. By the way: I believe the Canadian Collection came out in Winter 2004. :)

  3. Thank you Origami, you're very kind!!! Actually I lost that bid :-( but I'm keeping an eye on that seller, because she often has lots of old OPI collections...


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