Fuchsia Comparison: Essence Colour&Go 20 Go Wild Vs. OPI Pamplona Purple

I love purple and tend to buy a lot of violet, fuchsia, lilac...polishes; from the bottle these two looked similar (pic 1 under the sun - glass was reflecting :-(, pic 2 indoor, with flash) so a sunny day I decided to try my first comparison (last week, these days have been so rainy and swatch unfriendly)!
BTW as I have some problems defining colours, I searched on Wikipedia: these purples could be described as Fandango or Royal Fuchsia. Do you use these words in colloquial language too?
Anyway, they are quite different on nails:

  • index [sorry for the visible patch] and ring fingers: Essence Colour&Go 20 Go Wild
  • middle and pinkie: OPI Pamplona Purple

Essence polish is opaque from first coat, slightly dusty and lighter than OPI one; it is also thicker but applies well.
OPI is darker and more shiny, perfect application (quite fluid), maybe less opaque after first coat but practically perfect after the second.
In short: no dupes, two nice polishes worth having!

Mi piace il viola e compro spesso smalti fuchsia, viola, lilla, lavanda...Visti nelle bottigliette questi due mi sembravano simili (foto 1 sotto il sole, purtroppo il vetro fa riflesso - foto 2 interno con il flash) così approfittando del sole (la scorsa settimana, ora non fa che piovere) ho provato una comparazione:
  • indice e anulare: Essence Colour&Go 20 Go Wild (la versione creme)
  • medio e mignolo: OPI Pamplona Purple
Come si vede dalle foto sono molto diversi:
Essence: un bel viola-malva, leggermente "spento" pur essendo lucido, coprente già dalla prima mano, si stende benissimo. Perfetto in due mani (è abbastanza denso).
OPI Pamplona purple: più scuro e lucido, stesura ottima, più fluido. Forse meno coprente ma comunque ok dopo due strati.
In conclusione: niente doppione, due smalti da avere!

4 commenti:

  1. Nice comparison. I've had the Essence in my hands quite a few times but resisted the impulse, though the flesh is weak so I guess I'll give in eventually.

  2. I'm not sure whether it has been discontinued or not :-/ in that case you could find it on sale!!


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