mercoledì 31 marzo 2010

KOTD: China Glaze Something Sweet + Essence SYF 03 Purple magic

I made this konadicure on the occasion of Emerald Sparkled Giveaway, taking inspiration from this mani and reversing colors: base is CG Something Sweet and pattern (from Konad plate M69) Essence Show Your Feet 03 Purple Magic.
Is is clear that I (still) have alignment difficulties, especially on centering pattern...I hope that with my new stamper  (I ordered the new double sided one, actually seeing purple polish on red rubber was not that easy) I will improve a bit. Anyway I find konadizing really funny, even if the result is flawed!

BTW thank you Arie for tagging me, I am quite new to awards but will post about it soon!

Ho provato a fare questa konadicure in occasione del giveaway di Emerald Sparkled, ispirandomi a questa ma invertendone i colori: la base è China Glaze Something Sweet e il disegno (plate M69 Konad) Essence Show your feet 03 Purple Magic.
Come si nota ho qualche (parecchi :-P) problemi con l'allineamento, soprattutto centrale, dei disegni. Spero che con il nuovo stamper (ho preso il konad a due lati, vedere il viola sullo sfondo rosso non era molto agevole) vada meglio, per il momento mi accontento ;-) e mi diverto lo stesso!

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